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HampiPampa AADI KAVI of Kannada literature has thus portrayed Karnataka and it is the homeland to art, culture, literature, dance and drama from the time immemorial. It is here that the culture of Kannada has blossomed and spread allover. Art, culture and literary festivals have become an integral part of life of its people. Starting from the time of Kadambas the very first and independent Kannada dynasty until the rule of Wodeyars of Mysore and then on under the auspice of the Government these festivals have played a supplementary role in the lives of the people of Karnataka.

Hampi was the capital of Vijayanagara rulers who ushered in the Golden Era in the history of Karnataka. Its opulence and grandeur are world famous. Its people are known for their magnanimity, righteousness and religious fervor. It is no exaggeration where the foreigners who visited this city had stated that pearls, diamonds and precious stones used to be sold in lots here. Each and every stone in Hampi sings the saga of history of Karnataka. They bring to mind the dazzling and effervescent chronicle of the art, dance, drama and literary scenes this bountiful land experience. The physical remnants of Hampi are the testimonials of the credence of our ancestors who have pinnacled in excellence in physical, spiritual and audacious lifestyle. Hampi Utsava has been initiated with the intention to remind our people of the great heritage we inherited and the role it played in binding the land together. It also imbibes in itself the vision to build our future land in the influence and inspiration drawn from our glorious history.

The ritual of Dasara is the gift of Vijayanbagar rulers. They ruled this land between 1336 and 1565 A.D and the golden era brought in by them is well known. The Hampi Festival is being organized in Hampi, which stands testimony to the political, cultural, religious and social zenith the Indian life reached and it has another intention of providing a glimpse of the bygone era to the present day generation. The Festival, which showcases the Cultural extravaganza of the land, will definitely provide some relief to the people from their daily grind.

Many cultural events are being organized in Hampi at various podia. Artistes of National and International repute will perform through these podia. It also provides a platform to the local talent. The Bhuvaneshwari procession that is scheduled to be held on the ultimate day of the festival is a memorable sight. The unusual natural backdrop and the throngs of people perched on the tops of boulders of the Hampi gives the onlooker a heavenly experience.

The special attraction in this festival is the HERITAGE WALK (a treck programme to visit the monuments of Hampi) along with many competitions including the legendary wrestling competitions. Hampi festival is being conducted on the 3rd,4th and 5th of November every year. The festival will be inaugurated in the afternoon of 3rd November and the events will continue until late night. During the next two days cultural events will be held in the three podia that have specially built for the purpose.

On the ultimate day i.e., 5th November the Bhuvaneshwari Procession that is the highlight of the festival will be taken out from the favmous Sri Naddana Veera-bhadreshwara Temple up till the Sri Virupaksha Temple. Cultural events will continue well after the Procession. A spectacular display of firecrackers and sparklers from the grand finale of the festival.

With an intention to give an academic touch to the Hampi Festival, it has been envisaged to invite student troupes from all the Universities in the State and also the neighboring States have been requested to send students from their respective Universities.

.The Festival is not only an expressive forum to the maestros of cultural field but it also acts a minor depicting our rich historical and cultural heritage to the outside world.

Hampi is a greatest example of the excellence human kind can reach, to the acne of status a human mind can ascend and of the highest riches a dynasty can amass and in the meantime it also a mute spectator to the selfishness, destructive attitude and greed of any human race. Above all these, it is a great paradigm where in a sustainable culture withstanding the worst sort of cultural and political onslaught rose again from the mound of ashes with only a highest sort of temperament and willingness to support to become great again.

Hampi is an amalgam of many traits like victories, bravery unstained cultural richness and also of unmindful cruelty and reckless carelessness. The place, which attracts architects, historians and archeologists in scores also draws flocks of tourists in lakhs. It is virtually an unavoidable historical magnet.

It is living example of the dictum, ‘the farthest back we are able to look back into history, the farthest ahead we can see’ If it is an enigma to the curious onlooker, is a treasure trove to the connoisseurs of history and human studies.

Hampi is well connected through road and rail network and the nearest airport Bangalore is about 325 Kms away to the south. It is connected well with Hubli and Guntakal through railways and the nearest Railway Station is Hospet, which is 12 Kms away.

Many Hotels are there to provide good accommodation. At nearby Kamalapur, Anegondi and at T.B.Dam a net work of good hotels is being run by KSTDC a Karnataka Government venture.